Gypsophila prices down by 40 percent

The gypsophila prices are low. “After Valentine’s Day, the prices dropped by 40%,” says Daniel Maina of Kimman Roses. As a result of this sharp decline in price, this Kenyan gypsophila grower decreased his production volumes by 75 percent. Kimman Roses will be back in full production in week 16, when their Mother’s Day preparations will start.

Daniel Maina at the IFTEX in Nairobi, Kenya.

Unknown reason
Compared with last year, the prices at the Dutch auction are very low. “Last year we had a very good year. After Valentine’s Day, the prices decreased only by 5 percent. This year, however, the prices dropped by 40 percent,” he says. According to Maina, there is not a clear reason for this drop. “Maybe the demand is less and there is an oversupply of flowers on the auction. Unfortunately, we do not have a reason for the low prices.”

Decrease production
Due to the low prices, Kimman Roses decreased their production. “We realized the market is not good at the moment. Therefore, we decided to decrease the production by around 75 percent and focus on pruning, instead of making a loss. In this way, we can peak in week 16. Then we expect the demand and prices to increase, due to Mother’s Day.”


Demand and prices up for Mother’s Day
Maina expect the demand and prices to go up in the run up to Mother’s Day. “In week 16, 17 and 18 we will be back in full production. Then, the demand will be higher as Mother’s Day will be celebrated in Europe, our main market,” he says. Also the prices will go up. “We expect the prices to increase and reach the same level as Valentine’s Day,” he says.

Kimman Roses
Kimman Roses is established in Kenya and grows gypsophillas on a 14 ha sized farm. 100 percent of their production is supplied to the auction in Europe. Usually, they also grow roses, but at the moment not. “Currently, the greenhouses are being build,” he says.

This year, Kimman Roses will also be present at the IFTEX in Narobi, Kenya. They can be visited at stand D1.01.

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Publication date: 4/4/2016
Author: Elita Vellekoop

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